Sticky Custom Kydex

If your gun is not listed above please contact us and we will see what we can do to acommodate you.

These are made to order.

Material thickness is .060 and is available in black only.

If you already own a Stickey Kydex Sleeve you can purchase just the insert if the gun requires the same sleeve.  (If you do not know the size please call us and we will help.)

Custom Kydex Inserts need to be purchased along with a Sticky Kydex Sleeve. It will not work with a Traditional Sticky Holster!

The Sticky Kydex Sleeve works with the Sticky Kydex Insert. The Sleeve is what holds the insert in place and CAN NOT be substituted with a regular Sticky Holster.

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Sticky with insert

I already had several sticky holsters. This insert just makes the retention better without adding too much bulk. Excellent customer service.

Unparalleled Comfort and conceal ability

I had the original sticky holster but didn't feel comfortable keeping a round in the chamber .. sticky holster suggested I try the kydex insert and I can tell you it's worked perfectly!!

Best of both worlds

The retention quality of kydex with the sticky system innovative performance.

quality where you need it

Cook holsters came through where I needed it most! I wanted the security and stretch of kydex surrounding my trigger and gun with the benefit of the exterior of sticky. Cook makes quality gear for your weapons and I look forward to doing business with them in the future!

Sticky w/insert

I am enjoying CC with my new sticky holster with a insert, It makes reholstering a lot easier!! By the way, I ordered for a Taurus G2 in 9mm and I have found my ATI 1911 double stack 45 also fits.

Must Have Holster

Sticky Holsters are very versatile and serve a purpose all their own. I have many. I never had one with a Kydex insert until I found Cook's. What an amazing holster. I've got 2 now and a mag carrier. These won't be my last. I will be ordering more for different carry guns.

Gun draws great but bulky

Got this for my Springfield XDm and it works great. Gun draws and re-holsters with ease. I wear with jeans, khaki pants, khaki shorts, sweatpants with ties, and basketball shorts with ties and it never falls out. Only downside is its a little bulky for an IWB so it can get a little uncomfortable at times.