This device is designed to be a minimalist IWB carry option. Retention is a tight snap fit that will hold your weapon in place until you remove it.

It is available with 2 different clip styles and several ride heights (Please see chart in the picture gallery for ride height specifications.)

It is available in all of the same colors as our holsters.

Each item is custom made one at a time to fit your specific weapon.

For color samples click here.

For printed pattern samples click here.


We recommend all fasteners on your holster have a thread locking product added to it once all adjustments have been made.  We offer a suitable product in our store here or you can add it to your order above.


We offer a lifetime warranty against defects and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

We are continually adding gun models to our list of supported models. If you have a gun that is not listed and you are local to the North Georgia area we offer a while you wait service. You can bring your gun to our shop and we will make you any of our products while you waitl. Give us a call at 770-299-1135 to set up an appointment. 

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Trigger Guard - VP9SK

This is my second time ordering through Cook's and again the process was flawless. The product is perfect and delivery time is exactly what they said.

glock 26 daily carry

So far I have swapped out the clip for one from my stealth gear holster........ Ive owned many holsters and figured give this one a shot and really dig it. Only thing I ask is maybe round the cut some more where it gets folded. Other than that i move this thing to every position and is great........ Shorts &t shirt and all daily

Duty Carry

My preferred carry is a sterl frame. I don't need extra weight. Because of Cook's reputation, I ordered the waistband carry guard. After changing the hook to the otherside, because of how I carry, I placed it on my Sig and headed out the door. I've really enjoyed this product. Works, and works well.

My new EDC.

I ordered this for my Springfield XDs. I have tried half a dozen holsters (after careful review and research), but kept running into the same problem: most IWB holsters are made for "regular" sized folks. My smaller than average frame + the hot summer months, meant the IWB holsters I had tried printed too much for my liking. So I gambled on the Trigger Guard IWB after watching one YT video review: and, at $25, it seemed worth the risk. Two weeks of EDC later, this is it. This is the one. What this holster gets right (for me at least) is its total footprint. I'm no longer carrying a pistol + half a square foot of leather and kydex, two belts clips and a dozen fasteners. Yet it's still perfectly safe. The mold around the trigger guard is perfectly snug. Comfort: Appendix to 3 and 4 o' clock are all very comfortable for prolonged periods of time. One important note, however: I ordered the 1.5" clip to fit my 1.5" EDC belt. The polymer material on the belt clip is thick -- so thick that I had wrestle it over my belt to achieve a complete "lock" around the belt. Fortunately, I had an extra Ulti-clip that has since replaced the stock clip. I highly recommend making this upgrade as it makes off/on ten times easier. Other thoughts: re-holstering when placed IWB is extremely difficult. This probably won't be a holster I train with, but the ride and cant is similar enough to my other IWB holsters that I'm not worried about it (and this coming from someone who trains with what he carries). For me, the Trigger Guard IWB is now a must-have accessory for everything I carry.

Trigger Guard IWB

This is the first IWB holster I've ever liked. I've tried 4 or 5 others, but they aren't comfortable. This is the bomb! Easy to clip on. It's small and light-weight. Thanks.

Trigger Guard IWB

This is the first IWB holster I've ever liked. I've tried 4 or 5 others, but they aren't comfortable. This is the bomb! Easy to clip on. It's small and light-weight. Thanks.

Comfortable and Functional

This holster is the most comfortable way I've found to carry. It fits my pistol perfectly. There is virtually no printing at all. Highly recommend for AIWB carry.

Favorite holster ever!!

I have 2 other holsters and got this to meet my needs of carrying as a woman in the summer heat. It is hard to very with shorts in the summer, but this isn't bulky at all so it doesn't bulge with shorts or jeans. I can wear it just fine without a belt or with a belt. It's as minimal as you can get and is FANTASTIC! I would never not recommend it to anyone. In fact, my mom wants one, so she can carry on her body. It also doesn't cause you to sweat and doesn't pinch like most IWB holsters.