These trigger guard covers are made to protect the entire trigger guard area of your weapon.  They are used when you want to carry your weapon but are not able to carry it in a holster.  Great for pocket carry or if you want to carry your gun in a backpack, bag or even a purse.

We include 2 feet of black paracord attached to aid in the removal of the cover.  Simply jerk down on the cord and the cover comes off the trigger guard or attach the cord to something firm and jerk the weapon from the cover.

Each cover is custom made one at a time to fit your specific weapon.

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We offer a lifetime warranty against defects and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

We are continually adding gun models to our list of supported models. If you have a gun that is not listed and you are local to the North Georgia area we offer a while you wait service. You can bring your gun to our shop and we will make you any of our products while you wait at the same price they are selling in the store. Give us a call at 404-408-8538 to set up an appointment. Most appointments are for evenings and weekends to work around your schedule.

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Pt111 G2 Trigger Guard

Since I am carrying extra weight around the middle most holsters, esp kydex, make conceal carrying my 9mm too bulky and uncomfortable. But using a clip works so well I can apendix carry. The custom trigger guard from Cook's helps me feel much more secure about my method of conceal carry. Fits perfectly and releases easy. Higly recommend it especially for a low key/ low cost CC option.

Works like a charm

Product works well. It was the best solution for my concealed carry problems.

Simple perfection

I wanted a simple Concealment option that was versatile. Very satisfied with the function and look of the product.

Not as obvious an outline

This is a comfortable and simple way to carry a LCP with easy deployment and, doesn't leave an as obvious outline in my hip pocket. Huzzah!

love it

This little thing is fabulous. Makes my pistol very concealable and is very comfortable all day

Exactly as described perfect fit and tension

Honestly guys I took a gamble ordering from this guy just from randomly finding his site. And OMG!!! Perfect tension, no sharp edges, solid guard and I couldn't be happier.

Pefect Trigger Guard

This fits very well on my SA Mod.2. It goes on smooth and stays on tight, yet it disengages with just the right amount of force. It appears well made with attention to details. The cord is strong and well attached, but is removable. I would recommend this product. This is my third from Cooks.

PT709 slim trigger guard

I tried another manufacturer's product but the fit was far too tight. Cook's trigger guard is a very good fit and easily releases when the piece is drawn from my belt. I am very pleased with this particular item.