Viridian ECR Comfort Series Holster

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When you draw, it's on

Threat can arise in an instant. You can react just as fast. The split-second you draw, Viridian's Enhanced Combat Readiness system ignites the brilliant green laser and/or taclight -- targeting, blinding, intimidating in one reflex-fast move. Suddenly you've got the advantage.  Just pre-set the Viridian laser mode, slide your gun into your holster, and the ECR system is armed and ready. The instant your gun leaves your holster, the laser fires a brilliant beam that cuts through daylight or darkness as fast as you can draw. With virtually unlimited laser and/or taclight modes and the breakthrough ECR system Viridian has elevated combat readiness to a whole new level.

 **Caution: Uses magnets, do not place near electronics or other items affected by a magnetic field**